Friday, May 3, 2019

Upcoming Exams and Science Recommendations

Grade 7 and grade 8 classes will be completing an "in-class" lab exam during the last 2 weeks of May. The lab exam results will be included in the Term 3 overall mark. Following the completion of the lab exam an overall summary mark for Terms 1, 2, and 3 will be calculated and those students having an average of 80% or more will be given a letter of recommendation indicating that they need not sit for the final written exam in June.

The recommendation letters will be handed to students during the last week of classes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Term 1 Marks

Term 1 marks for both grades have been tabulated and will be sent home via the report card. Students have been informed as to their term marks. A reminder that the overall mark for the term is a weighted average of both practical (40%) and theoretical (60%) work. The summary mark for term 1 is worth 20% of the overall mark for the year.

I am available most days at lunch should students require extra help or need access to a computer so that they can complete the online component of the course.


M. Edwards

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Science Room 182 Update

We are approximately half way through the first term !

Grade 7's are completing Chapter 1 and will have a test on Monday, October 15th. We have also completed a "Mass/Volume" lab and will be starting a "States of Matter" lab after the test. Students should also be completing their online exercises for Chapter 1 as these results are worth 10% of their theory mark.

The Grade 8's have begun working on the material in Chapter 2. A reminder that students should be working on the online exercises as we progress through the chapter. The remaining Chapter 1 tests are being returned to students this week and we are finishing up the presentations of the "Adopt an Element" project, students have been given a mark for their presentation.

Progress reports are being sent home next week.

M. Edwards

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Welcome and Welcome Back

Room 182

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week, both our returning students and our new group of grade 7's. I hope that you have all had a restful summer and that you are ready to start a new year. The good news is that everyone is currently sitting at 100% 😊 Well Done !!


I use the "Remind" service to post daily homework, announce upcoming tests, and make students and parents aware of important events happening in the science classroom. I would encourage everyone to sign up for this service to receive these messages directly on your cell phone or via email to keep up-to-date with everything happening in Symmes science. Rest assured that your phone number remains anonymous. The directions for signing up for your class, or your child's class if you are a parent can be found by following this link.

 Online Science: Workbook Exercises

Students will be receiving their class workbooks next week. They will also be receiving a code that will allow them access to online exercises that are designed to reinforce concepts addressed in the workbook. These exercises will be assigned for homework and also provide students with an opportunity to increase their class average. The review exercises at the end of each chapter are also an excellent way to prepare for chapter tests.

Students will first register at Pearson/ERPI MyBookself  using the code handed out in class.

Once registered, students will then log in and then join their science class. The instructions can be found by following this link.

See you next week.

M. Edwards